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Debt Elimination

As a company, we are on track to help our current members eliminate more than $1.2 million in interest while collectively reducing their time in debt by more than 29,400 years.


Tax Reduction

MWR has transferred just over $10 million a month and more than $120 million a year into the pockets of our government members.


Bill Negotiation

MWR has saved our members over $1.2 million on their existing bills in the first year of our BillShredder program.


Credit Restoration

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We've helped thousands of people boost their credit scores by 50 to 150 points or more, putting millions in interest and insurance premium overpayments back into our members pockets

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*FREE Credit Repair Included With Your MWR Membership

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Here's A Message From The MWR Financial CEO

Brian House

MWR Financial believes in TeamWork and Training, all you need is to be focus on building your business. 


Do you need a Private Reserve bank

Learn How our Self-Banking "Private Reserve Account" can provide you with the Best Ways to Save, Grow and Protect Your Money, Tax-FREE with No Risk of Loss!

My name is Roosevelt Simmons, I’m an Independent Executive Director at MWR, and I will be your mentor along with my business partners. As stated earlier, we are firm believers in Team Work and Training. That means with our support and guidance; we are building our businesses together. So, I ask you, what are you going to do?